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We offer a range of services which you can book individually or you may wish to combine some services to create a next level experience.  Nikki is a Psychic Medium and an experienced Reiki Master & Teacher offering amazing healing sessions.  Nikki performs Chakra cleansing & clearing sessions using the best quality essential oils on the market today.  Nikki also provides Reiki Courses as well as spiritual development classes.  There will be a beautiful range of products being introduced in 2022 within our 'Love & Light X' range including essential oils, sprays, roller bottles and much more.  All current readings and therapies can be purchased online.

I had a reading and healing with Nikki and was absolutely blown away. The amount of detailed information from loved ones passed and the guidance was greatly appreciated. Then I was able to experience Nikki's healing was beautiful. She continued connecting with my loved ones during the healing session and picked up unhealed wounds from the past that needed to be dealt with, and were.  I've recommended Nikki to a number of people who have also been extremely happy with their outcomes.

Thank you Nikki you are amazing.  

Donna Randell

About Us

Nikki Iles

Psychic Medium - Energy Healer

As an intuitive empath Nikki's Mediumship abilities not only bring through your loved ones passed over but also combined with her Psychic abilities can make readings an exceptional experience.  Nikki is a Medium between worlds and can pass on any messages or information that comes through from the spirit world to you.  You can combine a reading and healing session where Nikki uses products from her 'Love & Light X' range.  All of which have been created from a great passion to help, heal and empower one soul at a time.  


Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.